Commissioner of Audit, Ho Veng On, visited the National Audit Office of China


The Commissioner of Audit, Mr. Ho Veng On, led a delegation of the Audit Commission to Beijing, where he visited the Auditor-General of the National Audit Office of the People’s Republic of China (CNAO), Mr. Hou Kai, on 9 June. The two sides held a work meeting to discuss the issues related to auditing techniques in Big Data, staff training and in-depth learning on “investigative audit”.

Mr. Hou conveyed the spirit of the first meeting of the Central Auditing Commission under the 20th Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, and quoted the important speech of the General Secretary Xi Jinping, emphasizing that in order to perform the audit work properly on the new journey and in the new era, the general requirement is to build a centralized, unified, comprehensive, authoritative and efficient audit oversight system. The government audit work should be performed proficiently, and build a thorough and efficient audit supervision system, so as to produce a deterrent effect. Besides, the audit departments should strengthen coordination with other supervision units to create a joint supervision. Mr. Hou pointed out that CNAO will continue to support the development of the audit work in Macao, especially in areas such as capacity building, and the Audit Commission of Macao should make contribution to the enhancement of governance of the SAR Government, in order to better integrate into the national development plan and serve the national development strategy.

On the other hand, Mr. Ho expressed his congratulations on the 40th anniversary of the establishment of CNAO, and thanked CNAO for its attention and support for the Audit Commission of Macao. The two parties have maintained contact for the past three years, and during the pandemic in 2020, the IT Center of CNAO assisted the Audit Commission in fully updating and enhancing the Audit Office System, and also provided strong support in regard of related staff training and system maintenance. Since the system was put into operation more than two years ago, it has been running smoothly without major problems. In April of this year, the Audit Commission sent a delegation to Shanghai, who met with the representatives of the CNAO Shanghai Regional Office to discuss about the practice of auditing in the fields of government investment funds, bonds and private equity funds, increasing the theoretical and practical knowledge of the audit staff. Mr. Ho also stated that the “investigative audit” is being actively promoted by audit institutions, and the Audit Commission also intends to promote its audit staff in learning the cases and key points of the referred audit, so as to explore their new ideas, and raise the quality and efficacy of the audit work, in order to reinforce the important role of government audit.

The delegation also had a meeting with the Deputy Director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council, Mr. Wang Linggui, and introduced the latest situation of the Audit Commission and its prospects.

During the stay in Beijing, the delegation visited the Museum of the Communist Party of China and the Command Center of Beijing sub-center comprehensive transportation hub in Tongzhou, and exchanged views on audit work with the Beijing Municipal Audit Bureau.